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BTS: "Way of the Warrior"

You're looking on a mirrored image built from two photographs that were taken from the same angle and place, while the only difference between them was the model's position on the scene. basically, it's a 50% from reality that you'll be surprise to know how easy you can complete it into 100% of Your vision.

The Idea:

When I saw this cast getting installed I knew it had a great deal of visual photogenic potentioal. it's only a month after and about 4 times of long observation that it hit me all the sudden - to try and capture images using multiple exposure reflection while people are passing by.

During the first attempt I took several images of the cast in different angles. in the editing, which I'll expand later, I vertically rotated the photo and suddenly notice that the reflection of the people with along the cast creating a face. one second after, this face was given me the idea of the mirror effect with a Japan's style.

At the second attempt I knew excatly what I want. for the preperations I ask my Co-worker colleague, which were also my model, to bring different cloths with japanes signs.

During the shooting I placed the camera on a tripod infront of the cast while I asked my model to create a smurai gestures with two set of cloths.

I took 22 vertical photos and 2 horizontal photos from 10mm wide. The wide angle created great distortion for my eyes that managed to emphesized the curves in the cast and the reflection from the floor. after one hour and A lot of fun the session ended and the challenge to make my imagination a reality started.


Adobe Photoshop in the following stages:

  1. I opened a vertical photo I chose and doubled clicked on it's layer in order to unlock it.

  2. I expanded the left horizental borders using "Image-Canvas size" (added 21.95 cm width and selected the left anchor in the canvas box). in this way I was able to add the second vertical photo I chose.

  3. I opend the second photo and draged it into the expanded space

  4. I flipped the photo using "Edit-Transform-Flip Horizontal" and placed it next to the first photo. the image became a raw reality of my imagination.

  5. I used filters in order to receive the right color tone. they all acheived by pressing the "new fill or adjustment layer" icon , which is placed in the lower part of the layers panel. I made sure that the adjustment layers placed above my 2 photo layer:

  • Brightness/Contrast Filter with 6 level up for the brightness and 74 levels up for the contrast. The layer was 100% opacity and fill.

  • Gradient Map Filter: I made sure that the gradient is black on the left side and white on the right side with no checkbox option marked. I selected the soft light transparency with 70% opacity and 82% fill.

  • Photo Filter of "warming filter (85)" color and 71% density with a preserve luminosity box check.

6. I cropped the Image to horizontal 45:30 cm.

7. in my two photo layers I use the clone stamp tool in order to conceal the

spotlight inside the upper part of the cast shape.

8. on the left side of the photo I re-used the clone stamp tool on the upper left in

order to add an authentic feel to the general image.

9. With the pen tool I manually marked the model and her reflection (done for the two photo layers) Using feather radius of 1 pixel and adjusted the

brightness/contrast using the "Image-Adjustment-Brighness/Contrast".

10. I increased the brighness by 20% and the contrast up by 30%. In this way the

model was more bright.

11. I stamp the layers into one layer using "Ctrl+Alt+Shift+E".

12. I placed the stamped layer above all the layers and sharpen the image using

"Filter-Sharpen-Unsharp Mask". The Amount set to 40%, Radius 0.4 Pixels

and Threshold set for 4 Levels.


  • Try to see reflection beyond the regular. when you're in a place with reflection look deeper and seek different angle, exam the place constantly in different light, different times of the day and shoot it with people or objects inside that will allure your imagination.

  • Exercise yourself constantly with photoshop skills in order to control and improve the technical aspects of the editing and manipulation. they were a big part from this paritcular image but be sure they will enhance your photos. All you need is practice. I promise you, this will make each photo of you A better one :-)

  • Go wild during your shooting sessions and look around, be rude if neccary. In editing don't do the rutine adjustment, Try to play with the photo using the tools you know and those you don't.

  • If you feel that there's A place with potential, ask yourself why, what make it unique, how can you capture it in it's most uniqueness view, even with an extra edit touch like I did here. in this way you'll reveal the reason you love art and photography.

Taken with Nikon D200, Sigma 10-20mm f/4.0-5.6, 10mm, 1/50s, f/4.0, ISO400, tripod

* I'll apreciate if you invest the time and Share this blog so that your friends can see it too *

* Feel Free to write your thoughts and questions! *


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