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All my images are available as fine art prints in various sizes, printed on high quality Lambda or Inkjet

paper (depend on size) from 30x45 cm up to 150X225 cm (11.8"X17.7" up to 59.1"X88.6").

If you are interested, please contact me or send me an email with the following details:


      - send me a url link with the image of your choice.


      - include the size you would be interested of. The common sizes are:

        30X45 cm (11.8"X17.7"), 50X75 cm (19.7"X29.5"), 60X90 cm (23.6"X35.4"), 70X100 cm (27.6"X39.4"), 

        90X135 cm (35.4"X53.1"),  150X225 cm (59.1"X88.6")


* The printed picture will be delivered in flat hard case or a tube, according to the requested size.

Send requests to nadavdov@gmail.com or contact me