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My name is Nadav Dov Boretzki, an artist and photographer from Israel.

As an individual I always felt keen to see things beyond their visual form.

During my childhood I used to look on the skies and imagine each cloud in different form, shaped by my imagination. It's still happening from time to time...

In my youth I used to write my thoughts and sketch them to visualize my emotions.

As I became familiar with still photography I was attraced to the idea that the camera can be used as a tool of self expression in it's most raw state. Due to this I've decided to learn photography during my high school years.

From my first click with film camera, I fell in love with the basic idea of photography that given me the opportunity to capture moments.


Over the years, photography became a natural place of self expression by shaping the moments into visual form which present my emotions, thoughts, imagination, reality and vision.

Nowadays photography is an integral part of my heart, as I consider myself seeing life through frames and constantly try to reveal the relationship between the outside world, such as human interactions, nature, light and colors, with my inside world, such as dreams, thoughts, emotions, desires and wishes.



All of my images are available for print.

You're welcome to contact me to make a purchase or for any other questions!



Nadav   Dov   Boretzki

NDB  Art Photography

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